View Full Version : Adding picoreplayer to the mix

2015-01-09, 21:00
Hi folks,

I currently have a bit of a frankenstein of a setup. I have 3 (soon to be 4) rooms with a iw2 home, a corsair 200i air and airport expresses, hooked up to speakers. I then have several copies of squeezelite running on the LMS machine with audio routing to different instances of airfoil to send my music to my speakers, it actually works surprisingly well, sync sounds good, the only issues I get are sometimes one speaker gets out of sync at the airplay level so I just need to restart that's speakers airplay stream, and all is right with the world, and the other issue is a small couple of second lag due to airplay.

I'm looking to simplify this a bit by buying a raspberry pi for each speaker, installing picoreplayer and feeding them that way. What is the sync like on the pis? Do they keep in sync? Also what would the lag from making a audio change (volume control or change of track) be? Having never used a proper squeezebox I don't know how they behave.

Anything I need to think about, and pitfalls etc? Any other suggestions?