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2015-01-04, 05:54
Hi All,

I do not see a separate forum for the Squeezebox Classic, but it's similar to the Duet.

I have 1 Squeezebox Classic 3 and 3 Squeezebox radio's.

When I connect it all to a Synology NAS, DSM 5.1, Logitech Media Server 7.7.3-040, all works, but the Squeezebox Classic reboots every now and then (mostly every 30 minutes).
In this setup the Squeezebox Classic runs firmware 137.

When I connect the Squeezebox Classic to another Synology NAS, DSM 4.0, Synology SqueezeCenter 7.5.1, all works fine, no reboots.
In this setup the Squeezebox Classic runs firmware 130.

My guess is it's the firmware that causes the reboots.

Is anybody else having issues like this?

2015-01-23, 06:35
IMO it's very unlikely to the be the firmware. The firmware on the SB2/3 has been stable for ages and as far as I can tell there are no widespread reports of this issue that don't boil down to other causes.

I've done some research in the forum about this problem, having suffered the same issue myself. My conclusion from the various similar problems with the SB3 that members have had, is that is most likely symptomatic of a failed/failing capacitor(s). I had the same issue - reboots went on for about 6 months and now my unit is dead (no display, no light on the toslink). I'm going to do some probing on the cct board and maybe attempt a repair. If I succeed I'll post back, but it may be a while before I get to it.

I assume that you've tried the usual factory reset and reprogram of the xilinx (http://wiki.slimdevices.com/index.php/Special_IR_Keys_on_Reboot_for_Factory_Reset_and_La st_FW).

It may also be the PSU as it may be failing under load. Try swapping it out if you can.

Best of luck.


2015-01-23, 08:54
I'm affraid I have the same as you ... a few days after my post my SB3 died on me.
It's not the power supply, I have tried it with a different one.
I just bought a Sonos Connect to replace the SB3, but I am still interested in an easy repair.
Thanks for your response.