View Full Version : Softsqueeze not remembered?

2004-12-06, 15:32
I'm using the 12/01 nightly since a small bug in saving playlists was solved

But the softsqueeze player settings (which support is greatly enhanced in
this server version, btw) seems to be forgotton every time.
When restrating the PC or the service I see the adres for the
softsqueeze and all my player settings are forgotten.
Which is especially sad because I recently configured the weblogger plugin -
which is working great. But the plugins settings are also forgotten every
restart. Hope this'll get fixed soon!

BTW - the weblogger plugin is great! It also shows the songs played by my
real Squeezebox.
I alos added a link to slimdevices for the interested visitors.
Check http://www.pvancooten.nl for the example