View Full Version : Merry Xmas.

2014-12-25, 16:52
A year or so ago I had to take someone's faulty iPhone for exchange to the Apple Store at the Trafford centre on Manchester. I had to wait for a while while they fiddled and during that time I fiddled myself with an array of headphones that they had on display. I plugged in to one set and hit play on my iPhone and quite honestly I was astounded. The headphones in question brought out loads of stuff I had never heard out of the Jeff Beck track I was playing. Loads of stuff. The headphones in question were a pair of P7s from B&W. I took a look at the price tag - 329. No. Despite how good they sounded I just could not bring myself to shell out that kind of cash.
Today. Dec 25th 2014. My lovely lovely wife has presented me with s pair. They are brilliant. So so clear and detailed. I have some really good Sennhreisers but these are just in another league.

2014-12-25, 17:39
Sounds like the perfect gift then :)
Merry Christmas