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2014-12-16, 09:43
I have a SB Duet which is connected over WiFi to a ReadyNAS Duo (V1) drive. All IPs are fixed.

It has been running fine until recently when my NAS lost contact with everything - PCs as well as SB - and to recover I needed to do a firmware re-install. Without doing a complete re-build of the ReadyNAS I am unable to change any settings as the Frontview interface has corrupted. I'll be on the hunt for a 2TB drive in the New Year's sales to let me do this!

In the meantime I can only access my music when one of the PCs is on and running LMS. The laptop (Vista) doesn't have a full library as running a rescan is taking an awfully long time (currently has been running 4.5 hrs to scan 1 tenth of my music - 16000 titles). My desktop (Win7) is in an upstairs office/spare bedroom and is hardwired to the NAS drive so a full scan takes less than an hour. The SB is downstairs and has a pretty good signal from the router (>70% signal strength).

Any ideas what changes I should make to the SB setup to allow access direct to the NAS without needing a PC to be on?

2014-12-16, 10:20
Diagnostics are:

Logitech Media Server
LMS: Running
Server IP Address:
Port 3483 (slimproto): OK
Port 9000 (HTTP): OK
Port 9090 (CLI): OK
Server IP Address
Ping: OK
Port 3483 (slimproto): OK
Port 9000 (HTTP): OK

Netgear DGN3500 router

Receiver firmware: 77
IP: 192:168:0:9

2014-12-17, 05:59
Until you fix/replace the NAS you are SOL. In mean time maybe just move your music library to a simple USB drive on the PC (assuming you can even access these files on your NAS).

2014-12-17, 12:55
I've taken a copy of the music library (and all my photos!) on the desktop PC for the time being.

I had LMS running on the NAS before it decided to throw a wobbler, but maybe the re-install of the firmware did for that!