View Full Version : Orange Squeeze on Android 4.03

Johan S
2014-12-14, 01:52

I have an issue with my squeezebox server and orange squeeze set-up since the last update of orange squeeze.

My orange squeeze installation is running on a Sony Tablet S with android 4.03 (release 5a). Since the last update, orange squeeze opens many network connections to the squeezebox server (over 1000), and when the number of connections reach the limit for open files on the server where the squeezebox server software is running everything stops working.

The connections I have so many of look like this:

squeezebo 2100 squeezeboxserver 555u IPv4 1139430 0t0 TCP mimer.fritz.box:cslistener->JohansTablet.fritz.box:34305 (ESTABLISHED)
squeezebo 2100 squeezeboxserver 556u IPv4 1139431 0t0 TCP mimer.fritz.box:cslistener->JohansTablet.fritz.box:42533 (ESTABLISHED)

The squeezebox server is v 7.9.0 (a build from mid November). The orange squeeze version is

I also have orange squeeze on a telephone with a newer android version. I do not have the same issue when I use orange squeeze from there.

Has anyone else had this problem too?

Regards, Johan