View Full Version : Synchronisation on FLACs with Slimp3 and Squeezebox?

Pascal Herczog
2004-12-06, 09:26
Using slimserver 5.3.1 on XP, it seems that for MP3s in a playlist, both my Slimp3 and Squeezebox are correctly synchronised, but for any FLACs in the same playlist, the two players were definitely about 0.5second apart.

I presume this is because the Slimp3 needs its stream converting to MP3 (and I am guessing that the Squeezebox continued to receive PCM) but was it the design intention for accurate sync to be possible in this way, for this setup?

Otherwise it would seem that I need to keep MP3 copies for all files referenced in playlists, which is not ideal, or change the squeezebox setup to force conversion to MP3 every time I want them sync'd.