View Full Version : New router not a day to late !

2014-12-01, 12:06
I've changed router wow , these buggers have developed some in the last 6 years :) my old trusty wrt54gl (linksys) was behaving more and more erratic after 6 years deployment . I do think they overheat .

Replaced it with an wrt1900ac ( picking between it and some asus models ).

Maybe I could have gotten myself something even better and or cheaper with more consideration , but i picked it up on the way from work it was probably the best they had in the store .

Imho what i've also learned over the years is that the worst possible router usually is whatever you get for free from any isp

2014-12-02, 11:37
I just switched to TL-841N's with DD-WRT 11/20/14 from WRT54GL's. Runs cool, very fast (~500 Mhz cpu) and not expensive. There are some minor bugs in the ATH9K linux driver that DD-WRT uses but that will be fixed soon. No show stoppers.