View Full Version : How to integrate my new SB with iTunes?

Simmonds Mathews
2004-12-06, 04:25
> My slimserver runs on FedoraCore2 (linux) and my Macs in the house
> connected to the music library via nfs. I am in the process of
> converting my library to lossless and at the moment am choosing AIFF
> as the best way to go. This is simply because:
> 1) AppleLossless doesn't work on Linux yet (only Windows and MacOSX)
> and i really prefer Linux for the server having had a MacOS X one
> before and sword never to have a windows server after managing them at
> work ;)

Could you tell me the issues you had with Mac OSX as a server? Am
in the process of
setting up my old G4 PB as a server running OS X. Thanks.