View Full Version : SlimServer hangs at startup trying to access DNS server

Robert C. Woodbury
2004-12-05, 16:26
Here is what I think is happening.
SlimServer is using DNS to look up localhost.
I had my ip setup configured to go to my ISP's DNS servers.
I changed it so it uses my router for DNS lookups,
making DNS a local connection as far as ZoneAlarm is concerned.
Once I did that, I could see via ZA that SlimServer (and slim.exe also)
are looking up via DNS.

Is this normal? Anyway, I think my problem is solved by letting my
router handle DNS.

Thanks for your help.

Bob Woodbury


Can you discern where SlimServer is trying to connect? If you have
update checking turned off, there should be nothing to connect to.
(Other possible culprits include the RSS reader/screensaver and radio
plugins, but these shouldn't do anything unless you're using them.)


On Dec 5, 2004, at 1:14 AM, Robert C. Woodbury wrote:

> When I start SlimServer, it tries to access the DNS server.
> Normally this is OK, but if the DNS server is unavailable
> (that is, if I have lost my internet connection temporarily,
> which happens sometimes) SlimServer hangs in the "starting up"
> window. I am using Windows XP.
> I have turned off the automatic update, so I don't know why
> it needs to access the internet. Also, I use ZoneAlarm as my
> firewall, which I can configure to allow access to my local
> network while blocking access to the internet. When I configure
> it to block internet access for SlimServer, this problem occurs.
> Does anyone know of anything I can do with the SlimServer
> configuration to cure this problem. As you can see, I am new
> to SlimServer, but I have checked the archives for this list
> and don't see any other messages concerning this issue.
> Thanks for your help,
> Bob Woodbury

Roy M. Silvernail
2004-12-05, 17:59
Robert C. Woodbury wrote:

> Here is what I think is happening.
> SlimServer is using DNS to look up localhost.

Easy fix. Put localhost

in your hosts file. On Windows, that would be
\WINDOWS\System32\drivers\etc\hosts on your system drive. If you've
never done anything with hosts, it may not exist or it may be named

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