View Full Version : Parental controls for SiriusXM?

2014-11-18, 17:29
My kids love listening to SiriusXM, but I'm looking for a way to block the adult channels from them. There is a parental control setting within the app, but it is outdated. For example, it claims that it will block "Playboy Radio", and this channel doesn't even exist anymore. I'm mainly concerned with blocking the "Vivid" channel, as this is highly inappropriate for 10-year-olds to be listening to. Unfortunately, since this is a newer channel, it is not blocked by the existing parental controls. I called up SiriusXM, and was shocked to learn that there is not even a way to block these channels from my account without switching to a family plan. This is not an option, since my wife and I would then lose Howard Stern and a lot of other channels we listen to. Does anyone know of a way to accomplish what I am trying to do?

2014-11-20, 12:40
So it has been a couple days and I've received no replies. I guess this isn't something most people care about. Does anyone think there is a way for me to get someone to update the app to reflect the new channel lineup? Who is responsible for maintaining the app? I assume it's Sirius. Since Squeezebox is essentially a dead product, I can't imagine I will make any headway with Sirius on this matter.