View Full Version : if your aac or flac files don't play

Howard Darwen
2004-12-05, 13:03
i found this by accident, and not sure if it's generally known as i have not
been following the list so much. but it was doing my head in for a while, so
i thought i'd post anyway.

not sure of the behaviour on other platforms, but on windows, if you have
some aac/mp4/m4a files that mysteriously don't play on slim, make sure the
filename is 63 characters or less. 64 is the breakpoint on my setup - and it
seems to be related just to the filename, not the path. at 64 or over (for
me) it skips to the next track in the playlist.

for FLAC files, i have similar problems if they contain "strange" characters
in the filename - in my case a track called "$100" would not play unless i
renamed it to "_100". you can leave the tags as are of course ...