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Kevin Walsh
2004-12-05, 12:46
Chris Mason [lists (AT) masonc (DOT) com] wrote:
> We have a Davis weather station and weatherview32 software for our
> weather site http://www.altamer.com/article/articleview/149/
> We would like to export the current temp, humidity and wind
> direction/speed and display on our slimp3s as a plugin. How hard is that
> to do, any ideas, anyone want some work to do it?
If you can get the weather station to export its data into a file
periodically, and you know the format of the file, then reading that
file and displaying data with a SlimServer plug-in module will be
easy enough.

You will need to either get the exported data file onto the machine
running the SlimServer, or provide a method for the plug-in to get
the file itself (web server running on the weather station server etc.)

It would be even better if the weather station provided some sort of
server interface (SOAP or whatever), so that it could be polled directly
by the plug-in module.

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Carsten Bormann
2004-12-05, 15:42
If you want unadulterated US weather forecasts, you might want to look


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