View Full Version : Song don't add to current playlist in correct order

Super Josh
2014-11-16, 09:20
Logitech Media Server Version: 7.8.0 - 1395395852


If I add an album to the current playlist they aren't inserted in the correct playing order (i.e. they should be 1-10 but seem to be in a random order). If I then add another album the tracks get mixed in with the current playlist, rather than being appended to the end.

Am I doing something wrong or do I need to change a setting somewhere?



2014-11-16, 09:28
Does the current playlist play in the correct order before adding the new album is added. It sounds as if random mix is selected ?

2014-11-16, 09:36
Or shuffle play , turn off shuffle .

Super Josh
2014-11-16, 10:46
How much of a fool do I feel? Yep, shuffle play was on. A feature that I've not used before and must have selected by accident :rolleyes:

Thanks for the quick diagnosis :D