View Full Version : Wireless streaming of 16bit, 44.1k

2004-12-04, 23:20
I received my Squeezebox a couple of days ago and I've been playing with
it, learning a little about how it and the software work, and generally
having a blast. :-)

I'm considering a second, maybe even a third player and was giving some
thought to doing synched playback on multiple players. My music
collection is stored as compressed FLAC files. My understanding is that
FLAC files are decoded at the Slim server and the uncompressed 16bit,
44.1k WAV is then streamed across the network to the Squeezebox. A single
stereo redbook stream works out to a little under 1.5Mbps. When doing
synched streaming to multiple boxes, does this double, then triple, etc.
or does it remain at 1.5Mbps?

Obviously streaming different files to different Squeezeboxes on the
wireless network would require increasing amounts of bandwidth. What
would be the practical limit to the number Squeezeboxes that can be
operated at the same time on an 802.11b network when streaming WAV/FLAC