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2014-11-05, 07:13
I have the original SLIMP3 player.

One of the features of this unit was an adjustable bass/treble.

With the versions of the LMS I've been running these past couple of years, it doesn't adjust the way I'd think it should.

First, after installing a fresh copy of LMS (right now I'm using LogitechMediaServer-7.9.0-1414759442.exe), both bass and treble are set to the maximum (+23), with the sliders all the way right.

I can slide the sliders to zero, which you'd think would be the "flat" response, seeing as the sliders slide from -23 to +23. But if I move either slider into negative territory and then click on "apply," I get 'Invalid value "-9" for treble' where the -9 is any negative value I attempt to use.

I know this is a real old player and I apologize for bringing this up, I'm not asking for a fix or anything, just wondering if anyone has any idea what is going on. I'm beginning to wonder if the slider should be 0...23 instead of -23...23, so maybe for flat response I should be setting bass and treble both to 12?

Or are the +23 values actually flat as far as the player is concerned, and it can really only trim the bass and treble?

It would just be nice to know what my actual player is being told, how it is being told to EQ.

Thanks! And thanks for all the hard work in releasing new versions of LMS. I don't want to sound like I'm griping, I'm not. I know this is an old player.

2014-11-05, 08:32
Possibly better to ask in the LMS sub-forum rather than general discussion?

2014-11-05, 08:40
Possibly better to ask in the LMS sub-forum rather than general discussion?

Ugh. I created a thread in the LMS section and then came back here to blast this one, but I cannot (maybe because you replied).

So basically I've just littered all over. If a mod/admin wants to nuke this thread please feel free.