View Full Version : Shortcut to favourite artists from streaming services

2014-10-26, 12:28
I'm currently using spotify as a streaming service and the Triode plugin has the excellent library feature that allow easy access to your favourite artists. However I'm planning to start using Google Music instead and found unfortunately that the Google Music plugin is much more immature than the spotify plugin.

With the google music plugin I can access albums that I have in my collection but there is no easy way to acces other albums by the same artist. Instead I need to search for the artist under All Access in order to play an album.

Is it possible to make shortcut to favourite artists from any source (streaming service or whatever). Or save search results. If I add artists to the standard favourite menu the squeezebox will simply play all songs of the artist instead of letting me choose what album to play.

Is there currently a plugin that will let me do this?


2014-11-15, 23:57
Any suggestions?