View Full Version : How to integrate my new SB with iTunes?

matt vanderzalm
2004-12-04, 13:52
> I do like iTunes a lot, but I would have to figure out how to separate
> the
> MP3s I have on my iPod and the lossless CDs I want to use the SB for.
> This
> sounds like it could be difficult.

if you wanted to use itunes to manage both lossy and lossless files,
you could set up smart playlists that filtered by bit rate to
distinguish between the two. you could create one base smart playlist
that captured all the lossless files and one base smart playlist that
captured all the rest. they'd update automatically, and you would
easily be able to create playlists (smart or static) using those as
your starting points.

if you're anything like me, the more you get to know smart playlists,
the more you'll start to rely on them to program your ipod.
http://www.smartplaylists.com has some pretty creative suggestions for
what's possible.

i'm not really sure how to get around the fact that you'll see multiple
versions of the same track in slimserver. that's probably not a big
deal from a playlist standpoint, since i would imagine you'll be
creating separate playlists for the squeezebox and for the ipod. but
from a search standpoint, that might get a little cumbersome. i can
think of tricks you might use to tell them apart (use capitals for
lossless, but not for lossy. use a character at the beginning of a
track name to denote one or the other. and so on...). but each trick
poses its own problem. i would imagine that someone on the list has
come up with a more elegant solution for this. thoughts?