View Full Version : Version 7.8 update in my DUET

2014-10-24, 01:38
Maybe I did not get the whole picture. But....

In my Duet I had 7.7.3
My LMS in my Synology was 7.7.2

Every time I got the message on my DUET that there was a new version available and it starts updating itself.

Finaly after I updated my Synology this message had gone.........

This is just for your info. But I don't understand how this mechanisme works.......

2014-10-24, 02:02
Synolgy was 7.7.2 so it actually wanted to downgrade , it strives to match the fw version with server version .

Mysqueezebox.com is also 7.7.3 .

2014-10-24, 07:29
I think it's solved now.

When I looked in the upgrades list on my DUET i now found the 7.8.0 upgrade available.

I ran it and it looks ok now.