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2014-10-20, 14:42
I own a Touch and a Radio with LMS running on a dedicated computer.

However creating and editing playlists are still quite painful (using the Touch or using the web interface).
I'm also not very fond of using phone or tablet to do that.

Is there any other way to control the running playlist (add/remove some tracks, re-arrange tracks) with a rich client running on a desktop computer (preferably linux) ?

A dream would be to use Amarok or Clementine to organize tracks in the playlist...

If you have any trick to edit the running playlist, I'm all ears...


2014-10-20, 18:09
Have you tried "drag and drop" actions using the Web interface? As I recall, that works reasonably well for re-arranging tracks, adding tracks, etc.

2014-10-20, 18:58
Yes I have tried.
The problem is that managing a big playlist with drag and drop is not very user friendly.
Also it is very easy to make a mistake while making the playlist and just erase it by playing a music instead of adding it to the playlist.

2014-10-23, 13:31
By far the best method as far as I am concerned is via ipeng but you dont like phones or tablets do you?

2014-10-23, 14:50
Indeed I prefer to use my regular computer to edit playlist.
So I'm still looking...

2014-10-23, 15:38
You could try extGUI4LMS, which handles creating / managing the playlist differently. Re-ordering tracks in the playlist has a small bug, though, so this might be a deal breaker.

2014-10-23, 16:15
Thanks for this suggestion. It looks much better than the regular web interface.
However it is still quite far from a regular "heavy" audio player like Amarok.

However it is possible to make a powerful web interface: see Groove Basin (http://demo.groovebasin.com)

If only we could interface it with LMS...