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2014-10-18, 11:43
I have all of my music set up on a partition on a mini pc. The operating system (windows 7) sits on C and music on D. Up until recently I have been able to use playlists from iTunes in LMS. Now, having installed the latest version of iTunes, I no longer see anything at all, or what I see showing in LMS has no bearing on the actual playlists in iTunes. I have looked in the users folder, specifically under iTunes to see if I can see anything resembling playlists but nothing really stands out. I have never used the 'use itunes' option in LMS settings as it tends to mess up categories and the albums.

Anyone got any ideas as to get LMS to pick up my iTunes playlists again? What's frustrating is I have had this for years and it's always worked perfectly.

Any help really appreciated