View Full Version : How to integrate my new SB with iTunes?

John M.
2004-12-04, 11:30
Hmmm...I can't imagine no one knows this stuff.

Maybe I asked too many questions? I would be grateful for an answer to even
one... :)

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> Subject: [slim] How to integrate my new SB with iTunes?
> Hi All,
> I just took the plunge and ordered my first SB. I'm confused
> about whether and how to integrate iTunes and SlimServer.
> My wife and I have 250 CDs that we're going to finally start
> listening to again thanks to SB. My plan is to get an
> external firewire HD and put all the CDs on there in FLAC
> format for SlimServer. That part seems pretty straightforward to me.
> But I also have an iPod and a whole bunch of music on iTunes,
> some of which I also have on CD, some of which I don't have
> the CD for. What to do about this? I don't want to put
> those 250 CDs onto my iPod, and furthermore I want them in
> lossless format which would fill up my iPod too quickly.
> What are the advantages and disadvantages to using iTunes
> with SlimServer?
> Is it possible/practical to keep my iTunes library separate
> yet have them both available to SlimServer? Wouldn't this
> cause the albums I have on both CD and my iPod to show up
> twice? My plan is to manually copy the folders in my iTunes
> library to the external HD and then maintain two completely
> separate libraries.
> I also want to be able to listen to Internet radio through
> iTunes over SlimServer. Is there a way to do this without
> causing SlimServer to index my iTunes library?
> Thanks for any suggestions!
> John