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2014-10-12, 18:59
iPeng 7 is now iPeng 8!

With Apple progressing from iOS 7 to iOS 8, iPeng 7 obviously needed an overhaul too. So, I am happy to announce that iPeng 7 is now iPeng 8 and it’s available on the App Store.

iPeng 8 is more than just an update to get along with iOS 8 it has been adapted to make the best use of the capabilities and the larger screen of the iPhone 6 and 6 Plus. In addition to this we plan to successively introduce more iOS 8-specific features like Notification Center widgets over the coming months.

iPhone 6 Support

iPhone 6 and especially 6 Plus have a much larger screen than earlier models and we decided to make good use of the additional screen space.

Modified NowPlaying Screen: The NowPlaying screen got slightly updated and now features additional volume button along with more space to show the current track information

Thumbnails in the Current Playlist: Just like on iPad, iPeng 8 on iPhone 6 now also shows artwork thumbnails in the current playlist in portrait mode.

New default thumbnail sizes for album views: The tile view for albums now uses different default sizes (you can still scale it at will) to allow showing more albums on a single screen on iPhone 6 Plus. This way, iPhone 6 plus can show almost as much content as an iPad (in default configuration) making it a real good alternative to the tablet for browsing your library.


New landscape mode for NowPlaying on iPhone 6: NowPlaying in landscape mode always has been a bit limited on iPhone/iPod touch in iPeng due to the limited screen height. With iPhone 6 this is no more – iPeng now has a gorgeous new landscape mode in which it can now also show a current playlist next to the familiar cover view. Since you can now also bring down the player list with a swipe from the top this actually gives you all control functionality you are used to in portrait mode also in landscape mode.


This also shows the size of Apple’s new device: the current playlist in landscape mode on iPhone 6 plus has almost the same size as the current playlist in portrait mode on iPhone 4. Have a look at all the sizes that are now available in iPeng.


And All That Attention to Detail…
These were the big points. But in addition to that we also paid a lot of attention to the details in iPeng to make your favorite controller App even better. Apart from the obvious fixes of issues introduced with IOS 8 this includes a significant performance update with some servers, some design improvements (finally, the new iPhones are quick enough , so that iPeng 7 looks as originally intended by us ☺), smoother scrolling and a better index-bar on iPhone/iPod, better support of Logitech Media Server 7.9 and many more small details.

Have fun with iPeng 8!


2015-03-11, 07:36
iPeng 8.1 Adds Quick Switch and Management for Favorites and Stored Playlists, Now Fully Supports VoiceOver

As springtime approaches, iPeng comes up with its first bigger update in 2015, bringing you some brilliant and fresh functionality for your music control.

Quick Switch
The first novelty we would like to introduce to you today is Quick Switch, a functionality - inspired by Michael Herger's "Music Walk With Me"-plugin that allows to switch your players without interrupting your music with only one swiping gesture. Forget about manually syncing your players, saving playlists or re-starting your album and all the other inconveniences you had to take to take your music from one player to the other before. Now iPeng does it for you.


Edit Favorites and Playlists
Further improvements concern the management for Favorites and Stored Playlists. Many of you have asked us for a capability to edit these lists, so iPeng 8.1 comes with a functionality that allows you to re-arrange, rename and delete them.

Full VoiceOver-Support
Last but not least, iPeng 8 now fully supports VoiceOver on both iPad and iPhone, an important improvement for visually impaired users.

You can find more details on the new features along with a description on how exactly they work in iPeng's blog:

2015-03-11, 08:30
Hi pippin, I use iPeng every day and love the app. This morning, since the update, I can only "+" a favorite to the playlist. I can no longer "play now" from the favorites menu.
This is a iPhone 4, LMS 7.9 nightly

2015-03-11, 09:01
I can only "+" a favorite to the playlist. I can no longer "play now" from the favorites menu.

Did you probably enable Party Mode?

2015-03-11, 12:57
Did you probably enable Party Mode?

No, party mode is off. But does this mean that I should be able to "play now"?

2015-03-11, 13:09
No, party mode is off. But does this mean that I should be able to "play now"?

Sure. Please let's move this over here http://forums.slimdevices.com/showthread.php?51929-iPeng-support-thread
This thread is meant to be for announcements and discussing new features.

2015-03-15, 12:12
This new feature of moving the current playlist works very well , improves alot on the other player plugin I've been using so far :)

2015-03-17, 15:30
Hi Pippin,
Thanks a ton for the new Quick Switch feature, I tend to switch players much more than I use sync, so I really appreciate the upgrade!