View Full Version : Multiple entries for slimp3s

Graham Ridgway at home
2004-12-03, 14:54
my (linux) server crashed the other night. When I restarted it, my slimp3s
displayed 'now playing' and wouldn't respond to the remote. When I power
cycled them, they would then work, but seemed to have 2 streams connected.
The display of the slimp3 flashed between the hung 'now playing' and the
normal and working slimp3 display. There are also 2 entries for the slimp3s
when I run up the web interface. One named and the other with the IP

The solution is the relatively simple use of forget player, but it's a bit
irritating. The SBs seem to not suffer the problem (4 slimp3s and 2 SBs).

I'm running Slackware and server 5.3.1 although it also happened with the
prev server version I was running.

Anyone any ideas?