View Full Version : How to integrate my new SB with iTunes?

John M.
2004-12-03, 10:16
Hi All,

I just took the plunge and ordered my first SB. I'm confused about whether
and how to integrate iTunes and SlimServer.

My wife and I have 250 CDs that we're going to finally start listening to
again thanks to SB. My plan is to get an external firewire HD and put all
the CDs on there in FLAC format for SlimServer. That part seems pretty
straightforward to me.

But I also have an iPod and a whole bunch of music on iTunes, some of which
I also have on CD, some of which I don't have the CD for. What to do about
this? I don't want to put those 250 CDs onto my iPod, and furthermore I
want them in lossless format which would fill up my iPod too quickly.

What are the advantages and disadvantages to using iTunes with SlimServer?

Is it possible/practical to keep my iTunes library separate yet have them
both available to SlimServer? Wouldn't this cause the albums I have on both
CD and my iPod to show up twice? My plan is to manually copy the folders in
my iTunes library to the external HD and then maintain two completely
separate libraries.

I also want to be able to listen to Internet radio through iTunes over
SlimServer. Is there a way to do this without causing SlimServer to index
my iTunes library?

Thanks for any suggestions!