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2014-09-24, 07:56
More detail here (http://www.bbc.co.uk/blogs/internet/posts/BBC-Radio-to-stop-supporting-Windows-Media-on-December-31st)

2014-09-24, 08:24
Providing a replacement for listen again (ie not live radio) is a much more difficult problem. Without windows media, the only other way that these devices can receive an audio file is to download it in an unprotected format. This would contravene the BBC’s agreements with rights holders (record companies, publishers, writers etc.) which require copyright material to be protected.

Windows Media accounts for 2-5% of on demand online listening. Some of this 2-5% of online listeners will be able to switch to our new feeds, some will not.

Any idea what the above actually means?

2014-09-24, 09:44
Listen Again is available in Flash format and WMA and from Dec 31st BBC will not be providing programmes in WMA format. This means a LMS with Triodes BBC iPlayer plugin will be needed to handle the Flash to play Listen Again programme for all types of player. Some user have been playing WMA stream directly and so not require their LMS to handle Flash or transcode as most SB players can handle WMA. For user of older SB based players (Class, SB3, Sb2, Boom, receiver and Transporter) LMS will also have to transcode as the Flash streams uses AAC.


In real terms, this change affects those internet radios which cannot handle Flash audio (i.e. most of them such as the receiva or possibly Sonos based units). The BBC Listen Again WMA stream were unusual in that the URLs were reused on a 7 day cycle so that if the Archer Omnibus was broadcast at the same time on a Sunday - then then same WMA URL could be used to play this back every week. The Beebotron.org site provide a list of such WMA links see http://beebotron.org/public3/public_wwo3/wwo3_index.html?reload or http://www.iplayerconverter.co.uk/.

2014-09-24, 20:58
So, will we be able to listen to Radio3 (file format ACC) on SBBoom via LMS?

2014-09-25, 01:00
So, will we be able to listen to Radio3 (file format ACC) on SBBoom via LMS?

Your question is a bit ambiguous.

It is not clear what the BBC plans for changing streaming Radio to listeners outside the UK and in the past the BBC have played around with making different options of speeds / formats available at different times, changing without notice, until they are "happy" or perhaps just bored making changes.

You can currently listen to Radio 3 AAC stream on an SB Boom now with LMS doing transcoding and if BBC don't stop the AAC stream for non UK listeners - the transcoding (both http/AAC and Flash/AAC) should continue to work. The transcoder faad used by LMS can handle all types of AAC. If BBC do change from AAC + which is used for low speed non UK listeners but keep the speed restriction then there may be a loss in quality.

I think the replacement Shoutcast MP3 streams are intended as replacement for older internet radios which cannot handle AAC.

The formats (Apple proprietary) HLS, HDS, and in future DASH are new formats that can, amongst other features, alter bitrate dynamically depending on network load and so could minimise dropouts and stalling. I expect these can be made to work with older players as there are already some HLS (often seen as m3u8) streams around and I have helped a user setup a transcoder for their SB players. There is a BBC Radio London m3u8 stream which does not show up under iPlayer so I think is a test.

Most change of formats can be handled with LMS support, the more serious issue could be the hint at programme rights which might mean the BBC make access to streams and "listen again" more restrictive to listeners outside the UK.