View Full Version : NAS devices supported in Slimp3?

Nicholas Saltmarsh
2004-12-03, 06:54
I read recently that Windows file sharing might be
supported in a release of the slimp3. This would make
using a NAS much much much)easier. Can anyone confirm
or deny this?
I want to get my music from a promise connectstorII
and this looks to be the only way at the moment.

Dan Sully
2004-12-03, 14:43
* Jamy <jamy (AT) bit-wizards (DOT) net> shaped the electrons to say...

>Every time I restart my slimserver box, I have to rescan my library. Is
>this normal behavior?

Jamy - is this on a LinkStation?

If so - I just checked in the Storable module to the CVS tree to allow saving
of the "database" on the Linkstation machines.

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