View Full Version : Logitech invests in the smart home with Harmony remote and hub

2014-09-17, 09:27

2014-09-17, 12:03
Oh, boy. Logitech jumps on another bandwagon. BFD.

2014-09-17, 14:13
I recently bought the Harmony Hub, including the remote. It's designed primarily as a smartphone app, which is reasonably well designed, but I wanted a remote with buttons to replace my Harmony One. I like having a remote that doesn't have a screen that can break (as occurred with both my Harmony Ones), but the one aggravating negative to the remote that comes with the Hub is there is no backlighting of the keys. It's almost an afterthought, as if everyone is just clamoring to use their iPhones as remotes.

I might be tempted to step up to the new remote if they remedied that problem, but otherwise I don't see much of a need for a 'home automation' remote. Although, if I ever upgrade my thermostats to wifi models....