View Full Version : Additional WIFI Speaker For Squeeze Box Duet

2014-09-08, 17:24
I don't know if this is possible. I have the duet hooked up to play through my audio receiver in one room.
Would it be possible to buy a separate WIFI speaker and be able to listen to the duet on the Logitech server?
If so do you have any recommendations what I should look for.
Thanks for any help,


2014-09-08, 19:39
You should be able to install Squeezeplay on the same computer that LMS is running on. Squeezeplay will look like another Squeezebox player to LMS and you can play your music through it on the same computer you're running LMS on. Squeezeplay has a user interface that's much like the controller for your Duet. You can use it to control itself or the Duet and you can use the Duet controller to control Squeezeplay too.