View Full Version : SqueezeRemote -- broken?

2014-09-08, 12:30
I sometimes use SqueezeRemote, a Win 8/8.1 app for controlling Squeezeboxen, on my Surface tablet. It works fine, in fact is a nice app.

Aside from the fact that a recent 8.1 update appears to have broken it, and I can't make it work. It starts on my tablet, but immediately shuts down. It seems others are experiencing the same problem.

It doesn't help that the support link on the Microsoft store site for the app goes to the email address "support@7illusions.coms", complete with a terminal "s", and doesn't work, generating a "can't deliver" message. Writing to the right address without the "s" doesn't appear to generate any response at all. And the app no longer appears on their rudimentary website, when you go direct to 7illusions.com.

So, if anyone has a handle on where to find these guys, let me know.