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2014-09-04, 11:35

2014-09-04, 14:06
Sonos was so adamant about not supporting 24-bit (as needless) and using their proprietary mesh network (as better). I developed a certain respect for their position. Seeing the money go elsewhere, however, ultimately makes resistance futile.

2014-09-04, 14:13
I just won my long-standing bet that Sonos would eventually move away from the mesh network

2014-09-04, 16:40
I hadn't realized that LG and Samsung had entered the market. Do they really have a competitive product?

2014-09-04, 23:30

But the big challenge for Sonos has been that a lot if people start with one component and they either had to wire it or buy an additional bridge to get started.
Plus: most of the advantages of the mesh network (good coverage) go away once you need to controls from a smartphone/tablet which is on your normal WiFi network because this means you need almost the same coverage for that WiFi network, too.
Since Sonos doesn't sell controllers anymore, tablets and phones are really more or less the only way to control the thing these days.

Yes, you can connect your Android device to the Sonos net, too, but then your device is on the Sonos net, not your home network anymore which can cause trouble with all kinds of other functionality. Plus, it adds load to the Sonos net taking away another advantage.

No, the Sonos net was a nice idea when WiFi was not so common and you didn't rely on it but today it's more of a burden than a feature

2014-09-04, 23:43
The Samsung and LG story is a bit of a different one. Their offerings have a primary use case of "send the TV audio to another room". This doesn't allow for active syncing (because that requires additional latency) so they go for low-latency streaming instead which Sonos struggles to to well.
I would not be too concerned if I were them, it's just another case of "music uses cases are different from video use cases" and will not work well for music.