View Full Version : A working solution to play Logitech Media Server content to Bose SoundTouch

2014-08-25, 06:14

The Bose SoundTouch reviews erroneously mention that it supports DLNA servers as music sources (google for "soundtouch DLNA").

As of August 2014, the SoundTouch implements a Bose-propriertary version of DLNA, compatible with a very limited set of sources, which does not include Logitech Media Server (LMS supports DLNA since version 7.7).

I was very disappointed to discover this, after having bought a SoundTouch 20 for my daugther, so that she could play content from our family LMS through DLNA, and from her iPhone through Airplay.

The SoundTouch's Airplay feature works well.

We eventually found a successful solution: we installed iPeng and iPeng's "iPeng Playback" add-on (which turns the iPhone into an LMS player, allowing playback of the LMS content on the phone's audio system) on her iPhone.

As the phone's audio system can be redirected to the SoundTouch via Airplay, this setup allows to play LMS content to the SoundTouch, controlled by iPeng.

This way, she can:

- play her iPhone's music: either to her earphones, or to the SoundTouch via Airplay
- play our LMS's music: either to her earphones, or to the SoundTouch via Airplay

Hope this helps other SoundTouch owners facing the same issue,