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Roger Mitchell
2004-12-02, 14:03

I searched using Outlook Express and there are a number of discussions on
the subject and there are number of people that have succeeded (and probably
a number who haven't) I particularly liked this one:


I know, it's a 19" rack!

I thought this was a cracking good job and was well discussed in these pages
around 27.9.04. There are lots of other discussion threads on this issue but
you need to dig deep and I found the most reliable searches were made
through Outlook Express. Just my preference and works for me before anybody
jumps on my case.

Roger, Newbury, UK

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Thanks for the words of support. I still can't find the relevant info in
gmane using search terms that make sense to me. And I KNOW you'll be
SHOCKED if I admit that I don't personally read & remember every word of
every message in every thread ;o)

Unless you're thinking of the thread where people discussed built-in
speakers, which I read with great interest -- but a different form factor
would seem to be a far cry from giving people an all-in-one "boombox"

But hey, of course I expected to be slammed a little. You can't be on a
forum and have a thin skin, can you?

Having said all that, I have to disagree with your comparison with Apple and
Palm. New technology updates will of course make the older versions
unwanted, but a new form factor with the same technology would simply give
consumers a choice -- I don't think demand for the original form factor
would drop to where they couldn't sell them. But if it did -- so, then,
take the guts out of the old cases, put them into new cases, and sell them!
Of course here I'm envisioning that the guts would be swappable. Which
brings to mind -- how about a form-factor "upgrade" kit? Taking it one step
further -- how about I just make my own form factor out of, say, teak and
brushed steel, and move the guts over myself? 'Fess up now -- has anybody
already done that?

OK, it's obvious now the morning coffee is really kicking in -- signing


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On Thu, 2 Dec 2004 10:24:30 -0500, David Jameson <david (AT) digiportal (DOT) com>
> While I understand completely the policy - it does cause interesting
> issues because there's no way to know whether to hold off and wait for
> your new box or commit to something else.

and that's part of the point. Witness the problems Apple and Palm have had
in the past - announce your new upgraded product and kill demand in the
short term, leaving you with lots of unsold, devalued,
inventory. Add to that the likely unforseen delays a small co has in
bringing something to market and you kill your market for longer, cutting
off your cashflow.

My conclusion? Slim will have to evolve their hardware to compete against
new entrants. The current product is great, the ones that are not yet
released will be better but that's the same dilemma you have when buying a
digital camera or a PC.

I don't think you deserved the harsh words for bringing this up but it was
discussed in the last week or so. However, guessing the right search terms
for gmane was probably not easy and "form factor" wouldnt have done it and
the first few terms i've tried haven't returned the previous discussions in
the archive for me either