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Christopher Jacob
2004-12-02, 11:04
I certainly yield to those of you with actual experience... Good to know
this is possible!


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> > Bandwidth is a problem when streaming uncompressed over wireless. Is
> there
> > any possibility in running a CAT5 to the SB? Some people have used
> 802.11g
> > bridges to take advantage of the higher bandwidth, but I don't know the
> > result. This topic comes up every now and again on the list, so you may
> > find some help in the archives.
> This really isn't true, though many people seem to believe it is. The
> amount of data involved in an uncompressed audio stream is nowhere near
> the available bandwidth that 802.11b provides. Many people here (myself
> included) stream uncompressed over 802.11b with few or no problems. What
> problems do arise typically have more to do with wireless glitches
> generally (e.g., someone turns on the microwave) or CPU load on the box
> hosting the Slimserver.
> Even with a WDS repeater in the middle of my 802.11b setup (which
> effectively cuts my available bandwidth in half), I don't have problems
> with uncompressed streams. (OK, the occasional glitch, yes; major
> problems, definitely not.)
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