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Craig, James (IT)
2004-12-02, 03:16
there's two different approaches here.

The plugin I just wrote uses party shuffle playlist from iTunes as the
source of a playlist in SlimServer.
When a track finishes playing in SlimServer the plugin gets the next one
from iTunes.
So you are controlling the music from SlimServer - playing the tracks in
iTunes at the same time would not be a good idea!
The original email is here

The other approach is to 'spy' on iTunes and make SlimServer play what
iTunes is playing.
In this case you are controlling the music from iTunes. For example my
script for Windows checks iTunes every second.
Sounds like this is what you want?

For Windows:
For Mac:
(there are a couple of different styles for the Mac)

I hope that helps!



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Thanks much for the reply. I just signed up so I didn't get your email
from yesterday. I'd love to try your plug-in though if you could re-send
it or send it direct to me.

How often does the plug-in check the list. Can it be set to check every
say 5 seconds so you could effectively just change the one song inthe
playlist and have it act like you've just doible clicked on a song?

Anyway, I guess I should just wait too try to plug-in before asking too
many questions.


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Actually ( and I only just noticed this myself) you can right
click on a
track in iTunes and either
'add to Party Shuffle' or 'play next in Party Shuffle'. Nice.

I personally find the SlimServer web interface to be hard work
playlist building and usually I just dump
iTunes playlists into it for any extended listening.

Try changing the order that the next couple of albums are going
to play
in...this is really hard work.
The 'delete album' button from Fishbone is much appreciated and
be added to the default skin as well as checkboxes for
actions (eg delete or 'move up' on multiple tracks)

And my iTunes Party Shuffle plugin really works.
Was it still attached to the email I sent yesterday?
no-one at all replied!


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> I would like to be able to select songs on my laptop through
and have
> the Squeezebox play it though my stereo in realtime (ie not
saving to
> playlist and them having SB play the list).

The iTunes interface is nice and the speed of search is
(type a few letters of the track/artist/album) and watch the
shrink. However, other it's not very good at stacking up a the
few songs. If you start a playlist you can add things to it, or
"party shuffle" but even then it's 'drag to party shuffle',
click on
party shuffle, reorder tracklist.

Have you had a good play with the Slim web interface (and tried
a few
different skins - i generally use Fishbone). The 'add this song
the playlist', 'add this song to play next' and 'add this whole
are nice tools for keeping music going while you work. The most
annoying thing at the moment is the speed of search but that
get better when the database is rewritten.

Someone *is* writing a plugin to pick up iTunes Party Shuffle
(there was a mail yesterday about it) that will be close to what
you're asking for.