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2014-07-28, 01:21
OK - I've had this plugin working for a while but after I upgraded from Linux Mint 16 to Mint 17 it has stopped working. After the initial install everything looks good (music is found as expected), however no music is retrieved from the server. Checking the logs reveals the '403 Forbidden' error (which AFAIK was previously reporteted as fixed by using a new version of the gmusicsapi).

>>Error Log<<
[14-07-28 00:47:05.1508] Plugins::GoogleMusic::ProtocolHandler::getNextTrac k (103) Looking up stream url for url googlemusic:track:721b58d5-ca14-3e27-b13e-94ffb8d2be83 failed: CallFailure: GetStreamUrl: 403 Client Error: Forbidden
>>Error Log<<

I reinstalled both LMS and the plugin twice now and continue to get the '403 Forbidden Error'. In each case I tried to ensure that I removed all traces of previous installs (to prevent errors due to cached data being reused - however I'm not 100% sure that I covered all the bases on this).

What is badly needed here is some sort of troubleshooting guide to test and ensure that everything works correctly, and (more importantly) documentation or checklist of steps to back out changes and retest. (FWIW I expect Google API to be a moving target and some test procedure to confirm any changes will be useful).

Can anyone out there confirm if this error has really been fixed - at the monment I'm stumped rewhat to do next - going back to my previous install is*NOT* an option.
It would also be helpful if someone could identify any specific uninstall steps that need to be followed (I have a nagging feeling that I've missed some steps, but can't think what they are).


2014-07-29, 11:11
OP here posting the solution to my issue w 403/Forbidden Errors - Posting this as a warning to others to be sure to check EVERYTHING when testing. FYI I installed the plugin on another Linux system and ran into the same problem. I posted an issue to the github site - here's the link:


Hechtus responded and suggested I should check the device ID field that is added when the plugin is registered with the server. It turns out that I had entered the MAC adddress of my device (which is found under the Android Settings app). However this is not valid - what is required is the device ID which can be accessed in several ways:

1) Download and run the Device ID app from the Google App store - this will display the required ID field

2) Leave the field empty and let the Google Host autopopulate the field - probably what I originally did.

However I mistakenly entered the MAC address - which the program accepted without any errors/warnings. IMHO there should be some validation check here to ensure that valid data is entered - perhaps the plugin could be enhanced to support this.

I'm posting more detail here than normal as this great plugin sould use some better documentation and maybe this thread will help.