View Full Version : How do I re-enter my correct password

2014-07-22, 00:02
Hi ... I entered my password incorrectly (repeating last digit) and now the controller is stuck trying to connect. Is there any way I can get the program to start the sequence again? Can I factory reset any other way than via the controller software? I tried pulling the battery but it just tries to login with the bad password again; when it fails the choices are "choose a different network" or "try again". Thanks!

Sad thing is that even if I figure it out, there is only "slim" chance the duet will connect. Sigh ... 7 years of this is getting to me :(

2014-07-22, 21:43
Out of town right now so I can't play with it, but what happens if you "choose a different network"? Or, can you press the home button and then scroll down to Settings - Advanced - Reset?