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2014-07-21, 12:05
Hey Folks,

Is there any idea of if/when we'll see the "Rhapsody UnRadio" feature supported on Squeezebox?

UnRadio is a new feature with Rhapsody, and UnRadio carries our FAVORITE UK Radio Station (Absolute Radio) which used to be accessible via MySB.Com, but since December 2013 is no longer streamed outside of the UK.

Absolute Radio 24/7 airs all day long right here in the Good Ol' US via UnRadio, and we really miss the great programming, and Live Local content. We'd LOVE to have it back on the Main HiFi!!

Help, Suggestions Welcome!


- Long Time Squeezebox Addicted Family.

2014-07-26, 16:19
I had moved to Spotify and left Rhapsody. I got an email from Rhapsody offering a trial of unRadio so I signed up and it's working fine with Squeezebox.

2014-07-27, 05:08
Thanks to you both for alerting me to Rhapsody's UnRadio. I'm a Rhapsody subscriber, but I wasn't aware of this feature. I checked it out, and I am now listening to an UnRadio channel on my Squeezebox. Cool.


2014-07-27, 06:04
Although I can access UnRadio via Rhapsody's website, choose a Rhapsody-displayed channel (or create one), add preferred channels, and then access them via my Squeezebox at My Apps>Rhapsody>My Library>Channels, I haven't yet figured out how to search for and add (for example) individual radio stations as the original poster wondered about.

UnRadio appears to be primarily targeted at those with mobile devices. The web interface in many respects seems to mimic the Smart Mix plugin that Michael developed, and maybe uses Echo Nest. In anyone figures out how to search for and add individual radio stations, please let me know. Of course, for the most part this can be achieved via mysqueezebox.com, but I'm just curious...


2014-08-13, 09:35
Many Thanks for the Follow-Ups Folks.

My work interfered, and I haven't been home to see if Un Radio appears now on my SBs, but for certain I'll have my
Wife take a look tonight with her SB Boom.

This sounds encouraging!

Fingers Crossed.

2014-08-15, 09:13

I'm back to report that My Wife reports "No Luck" when trying to access un radio from her SB Boom.

She has removed/reinstalled the Rhapsody app, but reports no change. It's a bit difficult for me to troubleshoot
via long distance, and so I'm hoping one of the SUCCESSFUL UnRadio users on Squeezebox could provide me with a
Path to coach her through.

Many Thanks in advance for your assistance.

2014-08-15, 18:57
Hi Curt962

Don't know how much it will help but when I used it I first log in at the Rhapsody website to access it there and then went to the Logitech website to add the app and make sure it was log in to my account at Rhapsody. Of course it didn't have all the the access I had when I was a full subscriber. And I only used it for the 30 day trial period. But I had been using Rhapsody for a long time even before I had a Squeezebox player.
Are you able to access it at the Rhapsody website? And is it affiliated with the account you have at the Logitech web site?

2014-08-19, 11:36
Hey All,

Thanks for the inputs, but it really appears I'll have to keep the idea on ice for a few more weeks until I get back home.

I guess I'm a lousy Coach, because I can't seem to help her navigate the SB menus to see where UnRadio might be hidden. So it's clear,as a long time Rhapsody subscriber, Rhapsody itself has rarely been a problem, and we use it regularly. It's the new Rhapsody unRadio feature that has me still a bit stumped.

Oh well...I'll push some buttons myself in a few weeks, and see if I can have the cool, new Rhapsody features.


2014-09-01, 11:55

I made it home, and can report that Rhapsody Un Radio appears to be unsupported at this time.

Rhapsody itself works fine as it usually does, but its New Un Radio features are nowhere to be found. Too bad, as Un Radio allows access to some geographically restricted Radio streams,
320kbps Rhapsody Streams, etc.

Now, if one of you folks out there ACTUALLY has UN RADIO on their SB unit, and not just plain Rhapsody which we've all had for years...I'd love to hear about it!


2014-09-03, 07:41
Hey All,

Still No Joy with UN RADIO on Rhapsody, but I DID find our FAVORITE UK Radio Station that had been savagely withdrawn from non-UK listeners sometime around Christmas last year.

(Absolute Radio was the entire reason I was in such a panic to get UN RADIO on line)

Absolute Radio: Fabulous programming, Above average SQ, and just a smattering of live, local content that my Wife and I enjoy!!!!

I found it, and here's the Path!

App Gallery>Radio Feeds>Radio Feeds UK & Ireland>Absolute Radio

A feed for 60s, 70s, 80s, etc et al.


2015-05-27, 11:59
As far as I can tell, Rhapsody UnRadio is the same as Rhapsody Channels using the Rhapsody app on the Squeezebox. When I go to Rhapsody on the web and log in, I see UnRadio on the side, and when I browse the Channels, they are the same names as the channels I get when I browse to Rhapsody > Channels on the Squeezebox Rhapsody app. There's just no thumbs up/down buttons or variety slider on the Squeezebox UI like they have on Rhapsody's web player. Are you all sure this UnRadio not just a rebranding of the radio channels they had before?

There is also the Artist Radio when you browse into an artist from the Rhapsody app on SB.

Another interesting thing... I just discovered I can use Rhapsody on my phone with the Basic ($5/mo.) plan, where I couldn't before. Nice!

Note: I cannot find this "Absolute Radio" station the OP asked about.