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2014-07-17, 04:55
Johnny Winter dead at 70. A real talent. I'll never forget buying "Second Winter" in a record store when it was released in 1969. I thought it was so cool that it was a double album but the 4th side was blank (smooth). The liner notes said something along the lines of "it's all too good to cut down to a single record...." To my 14 year old brain, I just thought "wow....."

Johnny & Jimi:

2014-07-17, 07:46
The world is a poorer place without him in it. Thankfully he left a tremendous legacy of recorded material. I saw him in the Clarkson gym back in 1979. No stage, just him and the band on the floor with a rope through stanchions to separate them from the audience. Simply amazing how much energy he put into the performance. Spinning and leaping while ripping the most amazing guitar rips and hitting big swigs from a bottle of Jack on top of one of the amps in between songs.