View Full Version : Can't find slimserver

Michael Haan
2004-12-01, 17:29
I've decided to stop stomping around the house and yelling.  The maid came today and, as she always does, unplugged the powerline adapter which feeds the hub in the living room to which squeezebox A is connected.  Squeezebox B also uses powerline, though from a different adapter which did not get disconnected.  Squezzebox A has since been unable to find the slimserver, though B plays for it just fine.  I've re-booted A some 10 or 15 times now - nothing.  I've tried it wirelessly, connected directly to the powerline - nothing.  Curiously, it does acquire an IP address usong DHCP so it doesn't seem to be the network.  As a last resort, I told slimserver to forget the player hoping it would "rediscover" it.  Of course, it did not.  Anyone have any suggestions?