View Full Version : Squeezebox Classic Problems

2014-07-07, 05:51
I have recentley noticed that my squeezebox classic has been acting up. At times it will not continue to the next song. It will stop when a song is finished playing. Also, at times it will stop and re-boot itself. It acts as if it has lost it's connection to my wireless system. My router is a fairly new netrgear "N" router. To see if the server software is the problem, I backed out the latest version of the logitech server and reinstalled the previous version. the results have been the same. I have been using the i-peng app on my i-pad. Thought that this may have caused a problem, but it doesn't look like it. Tried using the logitech app for the squeezebox, but the problems still exist.

If anybody has been having the same problems, and if they have figured it out, that would be usefull info.

Hope my squeezebox is not dying.


2014-07-07, 08:09
The more common cause of an SB3 reboot issue is usually one of two hardware items.
1. PSU: going bad or the connection to the SB3 is loose
2. WiFi Card: going bad, try removing it and just use a wired connection