View Full Version : Fishbone Skin Comments

Ralph Edington
2004-12-01, 17:02
OK, so I've just discovered the Fishbone skin. How great it is!

I was put off of Fishbone at first, because on my computer it gives some
kind of internet explorer script error when loading it. I hope that's not
important, as the skin seems to function fine after that error.

Fishbone is truly the best skin out there. Its features enhance the
manageability of playlists SIGNIFICANTLY. How odd that so very few other
skins, programs, etc take into account that you might actually want to
SUBTRACT an artist, album or song from a playlist, rather than start
building a new list from scratch. Fishbone makes this child's play!

My only complaint is the colors. White text on black background is somewhat
offputting for me.

I hereby humbly ask the God of Fishbone to publish a "Fishbone Light"
version with different colors -- perhaps colors more like the "default"
skin? In particular, I find the alternating background/highlight colors of
the "Default" lists very helpful when trying to track across the screen...

Anyway, great job! Awesome Skin!