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2014-07-04, 14:04
Hi all,

a real good news: There is new commercial squeezebox Client for a the LMS available.

see here: https://knx-user-forum.de/knx-eib-forum/36027-audiomodulmultiroom-neuerscheinung-b-b-tech-l-u-b.html#post409131

And the nice thing is that there are two variants with 2x20W amplifier or with line out. And this for real multiroom placed in the shelter.

This scales so easy to add new zones and seems to be controlled via all possibilities of apps like ipeng, etc or KNX interface via CLI.

I thing many were waiting for this, like me. Let's see how it fits, but it sounds perfect.:)

kind regards


2014-07-12, 00:04
Sorry my german is not that good any link to the actual product ?

2014-07-12, 01:06
Not a promising promotion.Product,specs,price,abilities?

2014-07-12, 08:33
Sorry my german is not that good any link to the actual product ?

Here is a link to their website:
But the english version doesn't seem to be ready yet.

The manual linked on the other forum is the most interesting.

From what there is in their broschure/user manual:
- based in Squeezebox, to be used on DIN rail mounting (i.e. typically in your basement) 70x90x63 mm
- can run in "Client Mode": just a client and outputs on analog outs (2X20W at 4 Ohm)
- can run in "Server Mode": runs LMS + Client. You can only connect up 32GB. One 32GB USB-stick or 2x 16GB.
- no power integrated - you need to connect 24V DC on your own
- other connecters: 1x RJ45 100Mbit, 2x USB, 2x Speaker, Line-Out

- comes with a small windows "discovery" tool, once the discovery is done, it opens the web interface with a custom UI for the device.
From there there is also a link to the original LMS web-interface

As BAB.Tech is acutally a KNX integrator, of course they also advise to use their "eibport" product.
This one is a visualization and logic engine for KNX installation and also comes with Squeezebox support.
Thus it's possible to put Squeezebox-command (volume up/down, start + stop and many more) on the KNX switches in your house to get a whole integrated environment.
There are also open source system for that (i.e. openHAB), so one might not need their eibport.

As it's running LMS also all known remotes (SqueezePad, iPeng, etc.) will work fine.

On the forum linked they are wondering if that devices just runs LMS+SqueezeLite on a Rasperry Pi. At least the casing looks like this one (http://www.italtronic.com/prod.asp?seg=2&cat=22)

Pricing Speaker: EUR 345, Pricing Line Version: EUR 249,-- list price (based on the KNX forum)

I asked on the forum if anything was known about mysqueezebox.com integration, but no answer yet. Guess one should ask directly at the manufacturer.

I find this REALLY interesting (not only because my roofing ceremony (?) was held last week and I will be having KNX bus :D, but also its a good message for the Squeezebox ecosystem ).

2014-07-12, 10:02
Too bad this didn't exist a year ago, I would have installed it in my wife's workshop ... Now she has my old iPad 1 with Squeezepad + Airplay to an old NAD amp

2014-07-12, 22:09
Ok,it's a ninstallation module, I do not have c style din rails in my apartment I can get Phoenix 24vdc supply or similar for free I have boxes of them at work :)

But it have to be installed permanently and it seem to fit in a standard casing for din mounted mcb's or you need a box of some kind that's no problem for a permanent install in a basement or attic ,it's not a product you have visible in your hifi rack .