View Full Version : help with lastfm audioscrobbler

2014-06-23, 08:25
I set up a fresh server on a different machine, and somehow have broken audioscrobbler - lastfm doesn't seem to be receiving my data, so apparently I've forgotten something. I have it enabled for each player, and I have the account information in on the Advanced Tab, so I can't figure out what I've done wrong.
Maybe I went overboard on Security settings? But its an outgoing connection, so blocking incoming should be OK??
Any ideas out there??
Thanks in advance!
EDIT:: Is it a firewall problem???? Currently investigating........

2014-06-23, 11:48
Well, if all else fails, check the log ! (or RTFM!!)
Log says I've entered an invalid username or password. checking it out now.....

2014-06-23, 11:59
After deleting the profile info on the Advanced tab and reentering it, everything is now running properly. It even had all the tracks that were missing cached somewhere.
Problem solved! Thanks for reading!