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2014-06-11, 15:37
For fun as much as anything, I have recently added a Wolfson card and a wi-fi dongle to my Raspberry Pi and got it working as a player.

Now I'm wondering about using it as the basis of a compact system in my workshop (about a 10' x 14' space). I don't want to spend too much money on it, but I don't want it to sound crap. I'm thinking 150 max because that would roughly make the whole system cost about what I was happy to pay for the Boom.

I'm intrigued by these class T amps that you see these days for not very much money and which sometimes get good reviews. What speakers though? I wondered about something like the Wharfedale Diamonds? Would they be sensitive enough?

The other option is active speakers but I have no experience of these and a lot of them are advertised as 'studio monitors'; as I understand, that has some implications for how they sound and I don't know if they would be suitable in my room.

I'm not after huge volume or thumping bass, just something that sounds reasonably balanced over a wide variety of music (rock, classical, jazz, folk, all sorts really).

I'd be grateful for any suggestions, even negative ones as to what doesn't work so well.

2014-06-11, 18:38
Good question.
I've a couple of areas with [Logitech] active speakers, but I tend to get a hum from these. It's ok in the workshop, but not in the bedroom. I have tried a class T amp hooked into some JBL Control 1 speakers in the Kitchen and it's ok (not 'hifi' but adequate) - would certainly do in a workshop. I also have in one room a wall mount amplifier (from Keene Electronics [uk]) that fits inside a standard double light switch recess box and this works reasonably well.

I think the HiFiBerry team are coming out with a small amp (2x25w) that connects straight to a Pi which might eliminate the need for another box

Along similar lines, I quite like the Sonos One, and I've been wondering if it would be possible to integrate a wifi Pi/DAC inside a 'bassy' speaker to create a boombox. Ideally something like a Bose Wave unit, but not been able to find a suitable speaker yet. I accept this is straying off-topic (apologies) but if anyone knows of a suitable speaker candidate for this also, I'd be interested.

2014-06-12, 01:09
See my Sig - kitchen setup. Sounds nice but not loud. Should be fine for a workshop. B&W make some of the best sounding small speakers. Way better than the Diamonds.

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2014-06-12, 04:13
You can probably find some pre-Klipsch Jamo speakers on e-bay for cheap. Incredible sound for very little $$$. Mission is another good option in the UK. The Monitor Audio Bronze series is pretty good as well. I buy almost all my audio gear second hand or open box. So many people get caught up with chasing some sonic ideal and their discards are more than good enough for me! I have a pair of Jamo 307s on the refrigerator in my kitchen (picked up on e-bay for ~ $130 delivered) and people are amazed at the resolution and bass response. I previously had some Jamo Cornet 40 IIs that I ended up selling to a friend because they liked them so much.

2014-06-12, 15:26
Thanks - some suggestions there for me to look into.

2014-06-12, 16:30
For active speakers Adam A3X ( i have a pair as computer speakers ) tweeter level is adjustable for different distances and acoustic and taste , they also have a multimedia serie ,called Artist that does not look so " studio ".