View Full Version : Powered Speaker Recommendations?

2014-06-02, 10:44
I am about to buy one of my sons a Raspberry Pi kit with case, WiFi and PSU with the project to build himself a PiCorePlayer based Squeezebox clone - he has been lobbying for a Squeezebox for his bedroom or the kid's den for a while. This is not hi-fi so he will just be using the audio out from the basic Pi or an old surplus Behringer USB DAC that I have lying around.

To keep the cable clutter down to a minimum I am thinking of getting powered speakers rather than separate amp and speakers. Anybody have any recommendations or pointers to good review sites?

Ideally the budget should not exceed 200 ($300). A couple of line level inputs so he could add an iPod dock at a later stage might be useful - but not essential. There is nothing on his pod that is not on our LMS installation anyway and I have a Spotify account for anything else.

2014-06-02, 11:18
Anybody have any recommendations or pointers to good review sites?
Nice thing about the Audioengine A2+ is the onboard USB DAC. Just run the included USB cable from the RPi to the "master" (left) speaker. They are available just about anywhere online and there are lots of reviews.