View Full Version : Synology DSM upgrade to 4.3/5.0 | Any impact on SBT?

2014-05-25, 05:49
don't know if this is the right forum (maybe "Touch" or "LMS" is better?) for my request.
If not pls move it to the correct one.

I'm currently running LMS (Version 7.7.2-006) on my Syno DS213 NAS (with DSM 4.1-2668) and everything works like a charm.
And although everything is fine I'm tempted to upgrade to DSM 4.3-3827. This version is shown in the Syno GUI as the one I could upgrade to. I would expect that v5.0 will be shown as the next upgradable version once 4.3 is installed.

Question now to other Touch/Syno owners: have you done those "upgrades" (all the way to DSM 5.0) without any negative impact on the Touch? Did the Touch behave like the situation before the upgrades?

Would really appreciate your experience here.
Thanks in advance.

2014-05-28, 01:22
OK... thread can be closed ;-)

I upgraded from DSM 4.1 to 4.3 at first. Then updated as proposed LMS.
After that I upgraded to DSM5 and updated afterwards as proposed LMS & the Perl app to the latest versions.
The SBT needed also the latest version.

So far everything runs and sounds brilliant as before.

2014-07-18, 14:03
Hi, I did all Nas updates, LMS update and for SBoxes too. Everything is working fine.

2014-07-22, 07:43
I'm on DSM 4.3-3810 (was the current version when I got my DS114) and made the mistake of updating LMS to 7.7.3-023 when it was released.

It has broken my media scanning (crashes out during scan) and Synology seem to show no interest in fixing it.

Here's hoping for the next LMS package upgrade but seeing how long it took Synology to get 7.7.3 packaged I'm not hopeful.

2014-07-22, 07:49
Hmmm....sorry to hear that.

Im currently running DSM 5.0-4493 and LMS 7.7.3-035...so far so good.
Nothing to complain yet.

2014-07-22, 08:00
Hmmm - I'm wondering if it would be worth it to go to DSM 5.x to see if that helped with the LMS issue ... But reading the forums there are plenty of people who have experienced all sorts of problems with other functionality when doing that.

(How come you have LMS 7.7.3-035? Mine is 7.7.3-023 and there are no newer packages showing.)

2014-07-22, 08:12
With v7.7.3-035 Im referring to the "package" on my NAS.

Guess you will be able to update to it once you installed DSM 5.0

Check this: http://www.synology.com/en-us/releaseNote/package/SqueezeCenter

2014-07-22, 08:38
Here's hoping for the next LMS package upgrade but seeing how long it took Synology to get 7.7.3 packaged I'm not hopeful.
I thought it might have helped when a few people in the German subforum put in support requests with Synology a while after 7.7.3 came out.

If I understand correctly, 7.7.3 is the latest stable release from the 7.7.x branch. (7.7.4 is still beta, right?) I don't see why Synology wouldn't package future releases within the stable and Logitech-supported 7.7.x branch. Especially if the get a few reminders in the form a support requests.

On the other hand, I assume Synology will be more reluctant to switch to a higher branch. Potentially, the fact that the newer branches are community-driven is also a factor for the packagers at Synology.