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Christopher Jacob
2004-11-30, 18:33
Wow, that's odd.... I have been trying to get KML to play on my squeeze box
for a couple of days now... (for those outside the Baltimore area, KML or
Kirk, Mark, and Lopez do the morning show on WIYY 98 Rock in Baltimore)

I can tell you a few things... It is a .asx file with the following

<asx version="3.0">
<title>WIYY - WIYY</title>
<title>98ROCK Live</title>
<Ref href="http://stream1.dc1.sonixtream.com/WIYY" />

I have tried using AlienBBC, but have not had any luck. I haven't spent a
huge amount of time on it yet.

I am running FC2 to a wireless SB and a old school SLIMP3.

Where in the great state of Maryland are you? I'm in Frederick, although I
grew up in downtown Baltimore.


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I just discovered that my favorite hometown radio station
broadcasts over a system called SoniXtream (http://www.sonixtream.com),

but I can't seem to get it working. I've tried cloning the
shoutcast and radioio plugins and getting them to work to
this service with no success. Any ideas or help?

If anyone cares - it's "98 Rock" out of Baltimore, MD
that I'm trying to listen to.