View Full Version : Don't forget to CANCEL your LastFM subscription

2014-05-23, 15:01
Well I was a bit miffed when last December LastFM insisted on a monthly subscription for their streaming service and guessed then that it was not long for the world. I hate internet subscriptions. No surprises then when they send me a note confirming they are terminating the music streaming service in April. What did surprise me is that despite terminating the services, they still feel it's ok to dip into my account for the subscription. Stupid me for not cancelling, and a heads up to anyone out there who (like me) assumed they would stop the collection piece. They haven't. 3ukp isn't worth the hassle for me, but how many millions have they swizzled from people in the last month?

So - if you have a subscription payment set up, don't forget to cancel it!