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2014-05-14, 17:08
Interesting read http://www.theatlantic.com/technology/archive/2014/05/the-library-of-congress-wants-to-destroy-your-old-cds-for-science/370804/?utm_source=howtogeek

2014-05-14, 21:41
The first 2 CD's I have that I got for Christmas 1984 are still fine. I presume that the rest are still good. Stored in their jewel cases on end. I doubt they've ever seen a temp over 90*F in those 30 years. My first album is still fine too which I got some 20 years before my first CD.

2014-05-14, 21:59
i have some CDs that i burned over 14 years ago that have started to fail. they were burned to be in the car, so they were exposed to high temps, i am sure.

none of my purchased CDs -and if memory serves i switched from vinyl to CD format in 1988 or so- has ever failed. then again, i have had most of them stored in boxes since 2007 or so. the only problem with some late 80s or early 90s CDs is horribly sharp DDD recordings, just as the problem now is some horribly overdriven recordings...

2014-05-14, 22:05
2 out of 650 made problems when I ripped them a few years ago. Holding these against a light showed that they were full of tiny holes, just like cheese. Or a starry night... ;-)

2014-05-15, 12:28
When Squeezebox mania got me to carefully rip thousands of CDs, the only commercially pressed ones that were flat-out impossible to read were the two discs in "Monty Python's Final Ripoff". They were victims of the "bronzing" issue a British plant had for a while. I had other discs that were visibly bronzed, but none of them gave me any special problems.

Having said that, to this day I encounter visually perfect pressed discs with various levels of readability. Sometimes they'll just zoom along in one drive but re-read multiple sectors in others. Sometimes no drive will read them accurately (I'm looking at you, original Geffen issue of Peter Gabriel's "So"!) DualDiscs seem to be particularly troublesome on the CD side.

I found CD-Rs to read pretty much as one might expect: The Mitsuis and Taiyo Yudens were fine, the lesser brands were sometimes fine and sometimes worthless. My favorite is still the Memorex that was completely destroyed when a Post-It note managed to peel off the recording layer.